The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The Groomsmen





Carlos Barrientos

I met Carlos naturally around the time I met Juliet. I have had 9 years to know Carlos and I can honestly say that it has been a true pleasure. Carlos is very quiet and reserved but once you get to know him like I do, he really opens up and you can see what a great person he is. Some would think that Carlos is one of my groomsmen because he is Juliet’s brother and my hand is being forced, but I vehemently disagree. Carlos has been a part of my life for 9 years. We have grown very close. I am glad to be a part of the Barrientos family. I have grown up with 2 brothers (Marc & Adrian.)and  I am so excited to be getting another brother. Carlos is incredibly intelligent. Him and I both had the pleasure of going to the University of Miami together. This was the period in our lives where we grew close. Both him and I were around each other sometimes more then Juliet and I were around each other. Both him and I work in the multimedia department in our church and he is a great support. I know that if I need anything I could call on him and he would help in any way that he could. I am glad that Carlos will be standing by my side on the day of the wedding. He has earned his spot by my side, not to mention, I would be more then honored to have him there.



Adrian Velazquez

Adrian is my brother. He is the middle of three children, where I am the youngest. Adrian and I have a special relationship. I’m sure all siblings say that about each other but spend one day with Adrian and I, and you will undoubtedly agree. From an outsider looking in, you’d hear a lot of verbal abuse and perhaps some physical abuse, but I can assure you, the love within our relationship is plentiful. My whole life, Adrian has been a huge ball of love. He cannot possibly be mad at anyone for more then a couple of hours. I remember one time we had to drive to Orlando and Adrian reserved a rental car the day before so that we can drive our group of 8 up to Orlando. When we showed up to pick up the car, they didn’t have our reservation saved and one problem followed another. As the problems ensued with our little Orlando road trip, it began slipping through our fingers. Any normal person would have any right to be completely upset and go postal on the rental car company. But not Adrian. Adrian couldn’t get mad at the customer service representative even when she was clearly mocking him. There are so many things about Adrian that make me proud that he is my brother. He overcame Cancer and actually used his experience as a catalyst to become a Pharmacist. One thing I know for sure, on my wedding day, Adrian will be with me every step of the way making fun of me with his own style of love; verbal abuse.



Marcos Velazquez

Marc is my oldest brother. He is the smartest person I know, not to mention he’s also the funniest person I know. I’ve have learned many life lessons from Marc. Both through his experiences and through him teaching me these lessons. Despite what it may seem at times, Marc is a great brother. He is dependable and always willing to help. He used to help me finish my physics homework, and by “help” me, what I really mean is that he used to do it for me. I will always treasure the times my brothers and I had when we were growing up. Adrian is the athletic and outgoing brother, but Marc is the smart one. When we were kids, Marc used to design and build forts using just pillows and blankets. They were the most intricate blanket forts I have ever seen. Marc was one of the first persons that I told that I would be proposing to Juliet. He couldn’t be more happy for me. He told me that Juliet was the perfect girl for me and that she would make a great wife and  a great sister that both Adrian and Marc never had. When I was a child, I would do everything that Marc did. I liked the same music and watched the same movies. Naturally, hearing my brothers’ stamp of approval was an overwhelming relief. One day, Marc is going to make a great dad but he will also be a great uncle for Juliet and my kids. But for now, he’s going to be an awesome groomsmen.


The Bridesmaids





Stacy Lopez

Stace and I became friends when we joined forces to take over the world. In 2010 we both decided to run for FIU Panhellenic Office as President and Vice President, respectively. Stacy, much like myself, has a passion for leadership…or just bossing people around in general. We’ve been friends for over 3 years and we compliment each other so well. We became best friends when we realized that together we can rule the land!!! HAHA, ok not really, but we did become best friends because of  how well we work as a team. Our favorite form of bonding is harassing the sales associates at the Nordstrom beauty counters and going to eat our faces off at Ra Sushi.

Although she disagrees, I think Stacy is by far the funniest human in the entire world. She made the last couple of years at FIU so memorable for me, and I cannot imagine my life without her. It was a true honor and pleasure to become friends with such a remarkable person and I’ve learned so much from her in these past few years. She was one of the very few people who understood my love for God, and was always there to uplift me in critical moments in my life. As a friend she loves unconditionally, without regret, and with all of her heart. She is not just a hilarious person to have around but also a friend with an enormous heart, always willing to drop everything just to entertain me with her witty banter. A true extrovert, being Stacy’s friend has challenged me to open my heart and shown me that fear is merely a four letter word and nothing to be intimidated by. I love her so much, with all of my heart and she fills my tiny little ice queen heart with much more happiness than it can bear. Stace, you truly are my other half (excluding Ben lol) and I’d have it no other way.



Angie Solis

There are so many things I could say about Angie, but they all fall short of perfectly describing one of my sweetest, noblest, and best friends. We met at a weird time in my life, I had just started college and everything was so new to me. It was last day of sorority recruitment and I had joined the best sorority on campus, Phi Sigma Sigma. I was so thrilled to start this new chapter of my life and right away I was excited to meet all the girls who pledged with me. The first girl I went to up to was kind of quiet and seemed to be taking it all in. I walked up to her and the first thing I said was, “Omg! You have such beautiful hair!” to which she responded, “Thanks, I did it myself!”

Our lives would never be the same.

Angie has been my friend since the very moment we pledged Phi Sig, and has become one of the people I can rely on the most. Not only did we share a mutual love for our greek organization, but we also shared a love of Jesus. When she was there I never felt like I was alone, and it felt amazing to always have someone to hold me accountable. We experienced college to its fullest and loved every moment of it. Without her, Greek Life and College would not have been the same. I blame her for my growing love for campus involvement because she always told me I was capable of so much more. She believed in me like no one else had, and saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself. She always had something positive to say to me, and would always be there to guide me, almost like an older and wiser sister. I don’t think I would’ve survived college without her, our friendship became one of the best things that came out of attending FIU. Angie is quiet, but in her silence she holds a lot of wisdom. She is extremely graceful, loyal, and thoughtful despite her always professional demeanor. I love you Shark with everything I’ve got. Phi Sig introduced us, but I truly believe that God kept us together. Thank you for being such an amazing friend, and sister in Christ.