The Best Man


Allan Hernandez

I met Allan in high school. I was looking for a drummer for my band and someone suggested Mr. Allan Hernandez. Allan and I instantly clicked. He became more then just a drummer in my band. He became my friend. When I proposed to Juliet, I immediately knew who would be my best man. It’s not that I don’t love my brothers. I couldn’t possibly choose between them. Since high school, Allan and I have grown closer and closer. I consider him to be like a brother to me. He has been my friend through some very difficult times. We have rejoiced together in great times. Allan is the most loyal person I have ever met. I know that if I ever needed him, with a single call, he would be by my side to help in anyway that he could. In many ways, I wish I was like Allan. He knows the value of hard work. He is an accomplished and decorated Fire Fighter yet he still dreams and has aspirations to be a medical doctor. He is putting his successful career as a fire fighter off and going back to school. He knows and honors the power of friendship. Allan is the best friend anyone could have. This is why he is my best man. Allan is a great cook. He can pretty much put any ingredients together and they come out amazing. I remember one time, my band made a mini road trip to record in a studio in central Florida. Allan made the best “Dixie Burgers” on a small little Coleman gas grill. A couple of days later, I wanted to reward him for all of his hard work so I made him a turkey sandwich. Like most people, I put mayonnaise and mustard in the sandwich. I didn’t know at the time but Allan only hates 1 thing on this good green Earth. That one thing is mustard. He didn’t even take a single bite out of the sandwich. He proceeded to go and make himself a sandwich. I snuck a bite from that sandwich and it was 100 times better then mine. I wasn’t even upset about the sandwich. It was just another example of how Allan is so skilled in so many different things. I couldn’t think of anyone else that I would like by my side on the altar.