Wedding Updates!

Sorry we haven’t been keeping you all updated with everything that has been going on. We’ve just been so busy with work and other things going on that the wedding has been kind of put on the back burner. In a way it’s a huge blessing to even be able to say that since weddings tend to get ridiculously crazy the month before, but it’s been pretty calm and we are both so grateful for that especially since a wedding is just one day, what’s important is our relationships with each other and those we love :)

Ok so here’s the lowdown.

- We FINALLY figured out our flower situation. Seriously though, flowers are crazy expensive, I think the wedding industry is secretly conspiring against us because it just doesn’t make sense why flowers (which DIE after a few days) cost so much! It’s funny because we met a random person at the flower place and he was telling us that he remembers back in 1978 when peonies were $.25 a stem (versus their whopping $4 a stem). Mind blowing, right!? Anyway, we figured out a solution that worked for us and we are extremely blessed not to be spending as much as your average wedding. Praise Jesus!

- We bought Ben’s wedding band! Wooo!!!! He’s really excited cause it’s simple but classy…just like him :)
Anyway, we figured we couldn’t really afford another G ($1,000) just for me to have TWO rings on my finger so we will do without the traditional wedding band and stick to only sporting the engagement ring, which is fine by me since I love staring at how sparkly it is :D

- I FINALLY got around to printing my thank you cards for those of you who so graciously presented me with a gift during my fabulous bridal shower. So expect those soon!

- We mailed out our invites!!!!!!! This was at the top of our list of important things to get done and we are so thrilled that you’ll be seeing them soon!

- We got an APP!!!! It’s super cool and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Shout out to our dear friends at Appy Couple who specially designed our app to match our website. Props you guys, you really came through and we truly love it so much!

- We booked our honeymoon!!!! I must say that we totally went from essentially not having a honeymoon to having a pretty ballin 6 day vacay. We’ll be spending sometime in Texas, Mexico and possibly NYC…God willing! We’d like to give a special thank you to our dear amazing cousin Isa for her wonderful gift. We love you so much Isa, you’re such a huge blessing to our lives.

- We decided on our cake flavors! It’s going to be delicious…get exciteddddd!

That’s all we have for now. We have some other things lined up to share too, but we have to keep the mystery alive! Haha.

Love you all! Only thirty-some days to go!!!!


Wedding Updates!

So the wedding process has definitely improved since we first began. Things are moving along quite smoothly, and I’m proud to announce that there haven’t been any meltdowns thus far. Success!

Here are a couple of things we’d like to share with you all:

  • We have something suuuuppppeeeerrr special we’ve been eager to post up, but we won’t be able to until we finish it completely (that’s my bad… I ran into a bit of writer’s block). So stay tuned!
  • We booked our venue! Yay! We are so excited since it happened so unexpectedly. God has really blessed us :)
  • Ben will be moving into our new home in just a couple of days! (HOW EXCITING!) So, naturally, we’re looking for boxes and what not to help pack all of our stuff away!
  • I went for my first fitting and my dress was absolutely PERFECT! I’m so excited for you all to see it! Don’t worry, I’ll look better than this…
  • I would also like to give another shout out to our AMAZING families who have been such an amazing support throughout all of this. We really could not do this without you guys. Thank you so much for your patience, love and support!

We will have some more updates soon, so make sure you check back with us again this week! Only 74 days to go!



We’re in Relevant Magazine!

…Well sort of! Lol more like our picture was used for this article…close enough :-)


Here’s the link, but be sure to read the article because it’s AWESOME — a must read for all couples!


Here’s an excerpt:

“Forget about learning how to argue better, analyzing your early childhood, making grand romantic gestures, or experimenting with new sexual positions. Instead, recognize and admit that you are emotionally attached and dependent on your partner … for nurturing, soothing, and protection. Adult attachments may be more reciprocal and less centered on physical contact, but the nature of the emotional bond is the same. [We should] focus on creating and strengthening this emotional bond and by identifying and transforming the key moments that foster an adult loving relationship: being open, attuned, and responsive to each other.”


Thanks Kristin P. for the heads up! ;-)




Love Lessons at 90

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of celebrating Ben’s grandfather’s (also known as my BFF) 90th birthday. Yes, you read it correctly, he is officially 10 years away from being 100. To put it simply, he is one of the sweetest old fellas I know and filled with so much life, joy and wisdom. It was an honor for us both to be able to share that moment with him and the entire Velazquez family. Abuelo, to me (and I’m sure Ben would also agree) has always been the best example of unconditional love, and not just to his wife, but to his whole family. Listening to his brothers recount the vivid and heartwarming memories they have of him, only furthered my suspicions. Abuelo is an undercover lover. And in every sense of the word. He just loves people and loves being there for people. His love extends even beyond this life. Since his wife passed away a few years ago, Abuelo has never let a day go by without taking her flowers. If that isn’t a testament of true, deep, life changing love, I don’t know what is. This is what every man should strive to be like. Yes, he can be a bit of a funny guy sometimes (those of you who know him know EXACTLY what I’m talking about) but inside his heart is pure gold. I am so glad that I have him in my life and it is a blessing to know that my future husband comes from a line of such great men. It is refreshing to see a type of love that never dies.

This weekend I learned a lot of things. Among them was my appreciation for this dear, sweet old man, but another was a bit more unexpected. God always has this funny way of surrounding me with people who are just filled with the crisp knowledge of experience. A dear mentor, and close friend of the Velazquez family really made the word love real for me after we spoke on friday. Every time I get the chance of speaking with her I am just amazed with everything she says. Her perception of the world and of people in general is so amazing to me and I love hearing the advice she so kindly extends to me every time she’s around. That night we laughed and joked about many things, but the thing that stood out most in my mind is her sheer dedication to her husband. She spoke to me about marriage and family and it just really gave my heart so much peace to speak with her. And although I’ve known her for a short while in comparison to my husband to be, she really holds a special place in my heart.  I thank God so much for her and for the special blessing of her friendship. This weekend I was just extremely blessed by the words of so many amazing woman and I am so grateful to be able to call them my family. It’s amazing how God uses every single person around you to teach you, and it’s wonderful to be able to look up to wonderful couples and look forward to the beauty of being married. I can’t wait to be married to such an amazing man, and to be officially part of his loving family. I encourage all recently engaged/newlyweds to take a moment and seek/listen to the advice of older and wiser couples, it’s always great to see life from a different angle and you never know when that small piece of advice will come in handy. Cherish your loved ones, but especially those who have ridden down that long winding path called life.