Ben Velazquez

Ben was brought into this world on May 21st, 1988 to two loving parents named Guillermo and Sarah Velazquez. They named their cuddly ball of perfection Benjamin William Velazquez. The entire family was raised in sunny Miami Florida. He was an eccentric little tike. Always bringing joy to his parents eyes. Well…joy and frustration. You see, Ben had more energy in the day then there was time. From playing baseball to pretending to be a drummer by using pencils as make shift drum sticks, where the entire house was his drum set. This spontaneity and exuberance led to many painful accidents. At a very young age, Ben was what you would call “accident prone.” Among the list of accidents is the time he got hit in the face with an arrow, nearly putting a cute little piercing through his beautiful head. He also stuck his small little hand in the door of his parents mini van, causing the bones in his left pinky finger to shatter. There was the time when an iron fell on his face causing a wound which would have been bad, had it not been covered by another wound right on top of it from the time his brother Adrian hit him in the face with a giant lego block. Believe me, it’s as confusing as it sounds.

Needless to say, Ben had a very active childhood. He was the youngest of three brothers. His eldest brothers, Marc and Adrian always seemed to be Superman to little Ben. There was Adrian, the athletic one. And Marc, the smart one. Ben didn’t really know where he fit in as a young child. Dabbling in sports and struggling to fill the scholastic abilities of his eldest brother. Every part of Ben’s personality was borrowed from his role models. From his music choices to his fashion sense. He always wanted to be just like his brothers. He even grew up wanting to be a Physical Therapist just like his dad. As he got older, he started to become more of an individual, but he never strayed to far away from all that he knew to be “cool,” or at least what his brothers thought were cool. It wasn’t until middle school that he became his own version of himself. Before then, he had always gone to school with his brothers. But when he entered the 7th grade, he went to Doral Middle School. He was exposed to different friends. Different fashion and different music.

Ben became immersed in what is now one of his passions. He was accidentally enrolled in a video production class. He discovered his sense of humor and ability to learn about technology that he hadn’t known before. The transformation was complete. Ben had become….a NERD. He began making short movies with his friends and even started a band. In high school, he was heavily involved in the schools morning news show. During this time in his life, he met someone so special that it would shape the person that he’d become and is today. This person made him want to be a better person. This person brought out only the best in him. She made him laugh, cry, and even love. Her name was Juliet. You’ll read more about how Ben and Juliet met in a different post. But after high school, he got his Bachelors degree from the University of Miami. He studied Broadcast Journalism and English. During his college life, he got a job at one of his favorite companies in the world. Apple. He became a Mac Genius shortly after college. About a year after college, he made a decision to marry the love of his life (The Proposal), which leads to where we are now. What a fun ride right?